2016 Theresa Diienno in memory of Dorothy Suxton

2015 in memory of Charles Questa and MAX from family and friends

2015 in memory of John Barry Jaslar from family and friends

2014 Maxine Harvey beloved aunt of Sher, Laura, Jenn and Debbie

2014 Cesar(Chez) Tracanna, in his memory by friends and family 

2014 William D. Bundschuh, in memory of one taken far too soon…$200 Clif Carroll and Paul Tramontina Families

2014 Lee McNeill in memory of beloved cats Cash and Carrie 

2014 Sheila Urban in memory of friends

2013 JOANNIE THORRICK-  $1300 Sister Jani and kitty TAZ, Kathy Broderick $25

2013 Brenda Baker-In loving memory from sister Dee and Jim Cicman $100

        2013 Rita Muskauski- Patricia Skibbs

2012 Meg Cross -$50-Delaware Department of Education, $25-Marilyn & Steve Derby, $250 Adrianne Hassinger, $25-Christopher & Paula Bell, $100-Carol Burdge, $500-Martha Grieco, $50-Sue Cross, $100-Deb and Joe Viscuso, $100- Sandra and Walter Swank

2012 Casey(cat) Krumm-$10 Melissa Simock Designs

2012 Susan Edelmayer-$25 Sandra & Steven Cohen, $50 David & Caren Gutman, $20 Cynthia Curtis

 2012 Sidney Chinofsky– $270 Rosalie and Steven Chinofsky

2012 Stanton Harvey-$100 Jill and Maxine

2011 Stanton Harvey-$50 Harvey Family

2010 Stanton Harvey$200 Carroll Family