Surrendering a cat or kitten

PLACEMENT  in our shelter-Donation required for cats and kittens, including found cats/strays as follows:

  • Young Cats 7 months to 2 years old being surrendered will require a minimum donation of $400  to cover their cost while living at the shelter, as we are a PRIVATE NO KILL shelter
  • Kitten rescue placement fees vary, starting at $150 and require spay of mother cat.
  • Cats 2 to 7 years old placement donation starts at $985
  • SENIOR/Geriatric (over 7 years) cats for surrender require a minimum of $1200 donation due at time of surrender. This is less than $8 per week, since older cats are usually not adoptable and will spend their life in our retirement program and need regular veterinary care.
  • Those that wish for their cat to be placed into our care but have financial difficulties will be assessed on a case by case basis by our directors, and will be required to volunteer at the shelter and submit proof of hardship.
  • Cats that are dropped off with-out permission, will be reported to authorities and fined.
  • Cats with long-term medical needs will be assessed and donation will be made accordingly.
  • Unfortunately due to our size and financial position, stray cats cannot be placed for less than the above required donations.

 Pawsibilities Rescue knows that every animal needs a home, however with limited space and facilities, we know the unfortunate reality that we cannot  take in every animal. Every shelter does have a maximum capacity.  Because of this, we have compiled a list of other shelters in the area that may be able to help, if we can’t help you, we encourage you to check out the list and see if other shelters can help.

We also encourage outdoor living for cats that can no longer live inside your home. We can help guide you in this transition and there are numerous internet resources for a happy and safe environment outdoors. Try

Click here for the Bucks/Montco Shelter List