TNR = Trap-Neuter-Release

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PAWS Fees and Information

The following is information regarding our TNR, fees, and other services we provide.   TNR = Trap-Neuter-Release (for feral & stray cats)  PAWS will trap the cats, and provide the following services:

  • take them to get spay/neutered
  • a rabies vaccination and distemper vaccination and flea treatment
  • return the cats to their original location after surgical recovery of 1-2 days
  • for the following donation to the shelter:
    • Cat for TNR= $100.00 per cat
    • This includes the cost for surgery and Distemper & Rabies vaccine & re-releasing the cat after surgery within 5 miles of Harleysville(farther locations will assess a mileage donation)
    • If you cannot trap the cat/cats yourself, PAWSibilities can do it for +$35 within 5 miles of the shelter
    • Testing for Feline Leukemia ad $25 per cat
    • Leukemia vaccination ad $20 per cat
    • There will be discounted prices for COLONIES of 10 or more
    • Pregnant Queens will be allowed to deliver and nurse kittens. The donation required for this process is $600 min. The surviving kittens will be cared for, spayed, vaccinated etc. and put up for adoption