Donations for Adoptions

PAWS Adoption Donations

At PAWS we require a donation should you find a cat that is purrfect for you and your family.  We invest a lot of time and money into each and every one of our animals and ensure that each one receives all of the appropriate vaccinations and that each gets spayed or neutered.  We take our responsibility to the animals and the community seriously and try our best to ensure that they are properly vaccinated  and healthy prior to adoption.

We have forged long-term relationships with area veterinarians and community clinics who provide various services to our not-for-profit shelter.  We have structured our adoption donation fee to cover these, necessary healthcare costs.  A kitten adoption donation is higher than older cats because they are in need of all of the vaccines and must be spayed or neutered and cared for until healthy enough for adoption usually 12-16 weeks.  The young adult and older cats are often already ‘fixed’ and may not require some of the items routinely needed by kittens, however, they may require special veterinary testing and blood-work  and new vaccines if old records are not available. This helps us to ensure they are healthy for adoption and no future surprises are lurking.  That said, there is no way to know all possible issues which could occur and compromise your cat’s health. So please introduce your new cat or kitten to your veterinarian with in the 1st two weeks after adoption.  Cats and kittens need well checks annually and vaccines regularly, this is not a rule just for your dog.

KITTENS UP TO 18 months OLD:
If you are adopting a kitten that has its first set of vaccines (rabies and distemper FVRCP);  and has been spayed or neutered; and tested for feline leukemia the adoption donation is $180 which also includes an ID chip. All kittens should be taken to your vet  for a health check up, to receive its second round of vaccines, and also to become part of their practice so they will know the kitten and be best able to serve your animal.

Young Cats 19 months-4 YEARS OLD:
If you are adopting a young cat that is  1.5- 4 years old, it has at least had it’s first set of vaccines (rabies, FVRCP distemper); (possible 2nd as well) it has been spayed or neutered and has been tested for feline leukemia the adoption donation is $135 and also includes ID chip.  Again, all cats/kittens should be taken to your vet in the first 2 weeks, for a health check up and to become part of their practice so they will know the cat and be best able to serve your animal.

If you are adopting an adult cat who is between the ages of 4  to 8 years of age, it has had all of its vaccines to date and has been spayed or neutered and FELV tested, the adoption donation is $85 and includes an ID chip.  

If you are adopting an ‘senior’ adult cat who is 9+ years of age or any cat that has significant, known health issues we would appreciate any donation that you feel you can give to the shelter, minimally $65, and an ID chip is included.   We are grateful for all of our cats to find a loving home and appreciate that senior cats or ones with health issues are particularly difficult to place. If you are interested in fostering an older, medically challenged cat, please let us know, our program can provide medicine and care for cats with issues, at no cost to you. 


Putting Adoption Donations Into Perspective

In terms of our adoption donations, we are striving to cover the costs for providing the required health services for the welfare of both the animal and the community.  This amount does not include any of the food, special feeding, transportation time, staff care, follow-up and post op care, post op medications or litter required to provide for these cats.  We hope that you understand our position and for those who can give more, we promise you that 100% goes right back to feeding and care of the cats.

Consistent with the old saying, ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’, it is remarkably the same principle when you see that sign on the road that says ‘FREE KITTENS’. These ‘FREE’ kittens, although deserving of a permanent home generally have had no vaccines, no testing for feline leukemia (a disease that gets passed from the mother) and certainly has not yet been spayed or neutered.  These costs will fall to you as the responsible owner. As indicated above,  we have forged relationships as a not-for-profit shelter with area veterinarians and community clinics to receive these services at significantly reduced fees. Individuals who take their kitten or cat to the vet spend far more to have a kitten spayed or neutered. To try and quantify this for our potential ‘adoptees’ we surveyed area veterinarians and in 2010 the charges ranged between $150 and $350. The vaccines and tests are in addition to this and local veterinarians often have additional fees for sending out the blood work for example.  We believe that our current adoption fees represent a win-win-win situation!  For the shelter acting responsibly, for you taking home a kitten that is ‘current and ready to go’ and for your new kitten / cat who will now have a loving, permanent home!

In addition to the neutering/spaying, some of the vaccine costs are listed below.  

Spay or Neuter approx $150-$300 plus…

Initial Veterinary visit: $68
Feline Leukemia Test: $55
Feline Leukemia Vaccine: $20 Optional for outdoor cats
Rabies Vaccine: $21
Distemper Vaccine: $20


Plus the 2nd round 2 weeks later  approx. $68 additional