Kitten Advice

Kittens require lots of time and dedication; they are very inquisitive and can be very energetic. Be prepared for them climbing up furniture, scaling the curtains and generally exploring everything. They need to have very regular play sessions to keep them amused, using a variety of toys which should be rotated to make them novel. They also require three to four small meals spread throughout the day

Remember that windows and doors will need to be kept shut to stop the kitten getting outside. Once the kitten is neutered it can start to be let outside, you need to be prepared to keep the kitten inside the house until this takes place. You may also need to make some modifications to the house to stop kittens getting stuck in small gaps, you should also keep washing machine doors and tumbles dryers shut as kittens can easily climb in.

If you are adopting a kitten from PAWSibilities, they will usually be litter trained before leaving but this will need to be reinforced in the new home. A kitten’s health can very quickly deteriorate so you need to be very vigilant and quick to react if you see any changes.