Memorial Donations

2018: In Memory of Kristine Tufarolo;  Donation from Clif and Sherry Carroll

2017: In Memory of Richard Way
$5,000 from Alexandra Young & $5000 from Dennis Urban

2017: In Memory of Edith Tramontina
Richard Lewis & Lauren DeNoma

2017: In Memory of Michael Evan Holland
Theresa Carlson, Debra Johnston, Rich Haelig & Deborah Watkins

2016: In Memory of Dorothy Suxton
Theresa Diienno

2015: In Memory of Charles Questa and MAX
From Family & Friends

2015: In Memory of John Barry Jaslar
From Family & Friends

2014: In Memory of Maxine Harvey
Beloved Aunt of Sher, Laura, Jenn & Debbie

2014: In Memory of Cesar (Chez) Tracanna
From Family & Friends

2014: In Memory of William D. Bundschuh, taken far too soon…
$200 from Clif Carroll and Paul Tramontina Families

2014: In Memory of Beloved Cats, Cash & Carrie
Lee McNeill 

2014: In Memory of Sheila Urban
From Loving Friends

2013: In Memory of Joannie Thorrick
$1300 from Sister Jani and Kitty TAZ, $25 from Kathy Broderick

2013: In Memory of Brenda Baker
$100 from Sister Dee and Jim Cicman

2013: In Memory of Rita Muskauski
Patricia Skibbs

2012: In Memory of Meg Cross
$50 from the Delaware Department of Education, $25 from Marilyn & Steve Derby, $250 from Adrianne Hassinger, $25 from Christopher & Paula Bell, $100 from Carol Burdge, $500 from Martha Grieco, $50 from Sue Cross, $100 from Deb & Joe Viscuso and $100 from Sandra and Walter Swank

2012: In Memory of Casey (cat) Krumm
$10 from Melissa Simock Designs

2012: In Memory of Susan Edelmayer
$25 from Sandra & Steven Cohen, $50 from David & Caren Gutman and $20 from Cynthia Curtis

2012: In Memory of Sidney Chinofsky
$270 from Rosalie and Steven Chinofsky

2012: In Memory of Stanton Harvey
$100 from Jill & Maxine

2011: In Memory of Stanton Harvey
$50 from the Harvey Family

2010: In Memory of Stanton Harvey
$200 from the Carroll Family